4. Fuel Your Account

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Now that you've taken the important steps of securing and verifying your Wagmix account, it's time to infuse it with funds for seamless transactions. Here's how:

1. Access Your Wallet:
After successfully securing and verifying your account, navigate to https://wagmix.io/user/my-wallet to manage your funds.

2. Initiate Deposit:
Click on the deposit icon or button to kick off the deposit process.

3. Select Network:
Choose the desired network for your deposit. This step ensures the smooth flow of your transaction.

4. Generate Address (if required):
If an address hasn't been generated, simply click on "Get Address" to generate one instantly.

No Commissions, No Worries:
Wagmix has your back! Rest assured, no commissions will be charged for your deposits.

By fueling your account, you're taking an important stride towards maximizing your Wagmix experience. Your contributions keep our platform thriving and vibrant.

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