2. Enhance Account Security

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To fortify your Wagmix journey and shield your account and transactions, we recommend taking the following steps:

1. Activate Google Authenticator (Recommended):
Elevate your security by setting up Google Authenticator. Visit https://wagmix.io/user/security for step-by-step instructions.

2. Smartphone Integration:
Bolster your defences with the power of your smartphone. It's an indispensable tool for your account protection.

3. Phone Number Verification:
Strengthen your account's armour by verifying your phone number. This additional layer of security helps fortify your transactions.

4. Email Address Verification:
Ensure a robust fortress around your account by verifying your email address. This step adds an extra layer of protection to your Wagmix experience.

Prioritize your account's safety and safeguard your valuable transactions today. Your security is our priority.
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